Ask Luna & Venom
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Main Character(s)

Princess Luna and the Venom Symbiote

Supporting Character(s)

Princess Celestia, One

Ask Luna & Venom is a Crossover AskBlog. The main characters of the blog are young Princess Luna and the Venom Symbiote (from the mainstream marvel universe, AKA Earth-616). The blog only answer questions, for now at least, a big storyline is in the work.


The origins of this strange team is explained in one answer, when Luna explains that Venom has been banished from his own dimension by Reed Richards and Spider-Man. For unknown reasons, the machine that opened the gate to another dimension sent the Symbiote to Equestria and not to an Empty Dimension. Luna found the Symbiote, taking it as a pet.

The Girl from another WorldEdit

After some time the two get attacked during night by a mysterious girl named Betty 01 that tries to kill them, claiming that she wants the Symbiote. Luna and Venom tried to fight back, but a colt called One interrupt the fight. Luna starts to feel weak because of the excessive time passed merged with the Symbiote, and here's where Nightmare Moon tries to take control of both Luna and the Symbiote. But Venom manages to drain Luna's body of her energy in a non-deadly way, stopping Nightmare Moon but making Luna unconscious for a long time.

One takes care of Luna while she is sleeping, helping Venom to answer some questions. After Luna wakes up, One disappears.

Symbiotes InvasionEdit

Betty 01 managed to take a piece of the Symbiote, then returning to her new master, Sparkling Chaos, that uses the piece to create an army of Symbiotes. Sparkling Chaos then creates a "Shared Dimension" composed by different dimensions fused together that are going to collapse and die. The Symbiotes reign in this shared dimension, killing everything they found or taking every creature as hosts. In the shared dimension are blocked some individuals from other dimensions, in fact Twilight Sparkle (the canon one from the show) is in this Shared Dimension, found by Luna in her bedroom. After hearing troubles in the city, Luna goes to help the guards. But unknown to her, the Unicorn guards can sense Symbiotes hiding in their hosts, this way all the guards know that Luna is "infected" with a Symbiote. Luna tries to reason with the guards, but even Celestia tries to convince Luna to destroy Venom. Luna escapes to her tower, surprised by Betty 01, who attacks her, making the both of them fall at the base of the tower. Luna tries to hit her enemy but Betty cuts her left arm, Luna faints. After that, the 10th Pony Doctor makes his appearance, trying to save Luna but without success, especially because he has to protect his friend Aurora. To help them makes his entrance Doctor Lunsano, a version of Luna from another dimension (basically a parody fusion of Doctor Insano and Science Woona from "Woonastuck"). Betty escapes leaving Princess Luna under the medical cares of the Doctor and Lunsano.


Princess Luna - A younger version of Luna,before the events of Nightmare Moon. She's a playful pony that likes cute things, even if she count Venom as a "Cute Alien from another dimension". She likes to play a lot of videogames, with or without Venom, that consider a very special friend. But she also get depressed very easily because she doesn't have real friends (besides Venom), she can't get out of the castle and she thinks that almost all of her royal subjects prefer her sister and her Sunlight.

The Symbiote can make cute dresses too

The Venom Symbiote - Even if it's still a dangerous creature, it doesn't want to harm Luna, which it considers an important source of "food" when she grows up. The Symbiote sometimes goes around of Canterlot at night,searching for ponies to drain of their Epinephrine, and it tries to not kill them,not always managing to do that. Venom also needs something called Phenethylamine, something secreted by the brain of every creature. In fact sometimes (rarely) it kills ponies to eat their brain. This substance can be found in chocolate too, that's why it eat large amounts of chocolate. It tries to be good, but sometimes is really hard.

Princess Celestia - Appeared in some questions,a younger version of Celestia, with just purple hairs. She doesn't know about the Symbiote, and sometimes the followers make jokes about the fact that she could be hiding Carnage like Luna is hiding Venom.

Carnage - He never really appeared as the Real Carnage, just some cameos in Venom's imagination to answer some questions.

Nightmare Moon - An evil spirit inside Luna's mind. One said that Nightmare Moon is a creature from the species of the "Darokas", the oldest species in the Universe, they are made of pure Darkness

Nightmare Moon in Luna's mind

and they feed on the strongest emotion of their host, eating it physically and spiritually. Nightmare Moon feeds on Luna's envy for how the subjects prefer her sister and her daylight.

One - One is a mysterious creature from another dimension that had the appearance of a Unicorn. His "Job" is to travel in different dimensions, checking if the "order" in them is in balance. He tend not to be too much involved,unless is not necessary.

Betty 01 - Betty is a prototype for a biological cybernetic lifeform created by One to help him in his job. After some events in his laboratory she escaped, searching for the nearest threat in any dimensions. One said that someone re-programmed her, because she didn't listen to his orders. This could mean that her attempt to kill Luna wasn't accidental.

Stan Lee - The Janitor of Canterlot's Castle. Why he's in this dimension is unknown.

Doctor Lunsano - Another Luna from another Dimension. She became completely crazy after fusing her soul with Nightmare Moon, trying to stop her. After that, she tried to kill her sister and take over Equestria, but the result was just a banishment on the Moon by her sister. After 2 years she escaped from her banishment thanks to Sparkling Chaos, because he fused different dimensions together, transporting her to Canterlot. She now wants to conquer Luna's dimension.
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Doctor Insano and Son by Doppel the Changeling

Bane / Lunsano's Son - Doppel the Changeling once received a box containing a Changeling egg/cocoon. When the egg hatched, he ditched the newborn Changeling in front of the 10th Pony Doctor's TARDIS,where Doctor Lunsano was working to heal Luna (during the events of Symbiotes Invasion). She took the baby as her son (a clear reference to Doctor Insano's Son), calling it "Bane".

Sparkling Chaos - Coming Soon


  • In the Answer number 9 Venom does a reference to a movie reviewed by The Spoony One,called "Skullduggery" (which Luna refers to as "Mareduggery"). The reference is a line from the "Protagonist" of the movie: "I want to Play the Warlock."
  • In the Answer number 70 Luna uses Venom's ability to create clothes for cosplaying. She creates costumes of: Tomoe Mami from "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", C.C. from "Code Geass", and Rat-Man (an Italian superhero, unknown outside of Italy).
  • Nightmare Moon appears for the first time in the Answer number 74
  • Luna and Venom invited Changeling Lyra to the prom with them

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