Not necessarily a pony blog, nor any of the cast members ponies. Though

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the character interacts with other pony blogs. The only equine cast member is an alternate version of the character named Trusttrott

About the Blog Edit

The blog is about the misadventures of a strange looking man with two irregular large eyes. Lucas "Lukey" Trustscott spend most of his time trying to socialize with others, though it ends with negative results. His personal time revolves around watching television and drinking Pepsi.

Lukey is employed as a fry cook at a local grill called "Bill's Cafe". To those he encounters, he is described as a strange man. He does have moments of intelligence, but answers incorrectly most of the time. Lukey does have perverted tendencies towards women. His link with Equestria are moments when he is negativity affected by magic.

Lucy Trustscott

He has a very slow attention span, and will forget the task he has to do. Though being a human, he looks the most different from others. This will lead to many questioning, even poking fun at his abnormally large eyes. Lukey stated multiple times that their a "family trait". He also have tenderness to panic when danger happens, or when supernatural happenings have occurred. Lukey is semi- aware of the multiverse, but is incredibly oblivious all together.

Trusttrott Edit

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Trusttrott is Lukey's ponified counterpart. His existence is strangely unknown. The only logical explanation is the bleeding effect of the tumblr multiverse. He shares the same personality as Lukey, his likes, dislikes, etc. Though Trusttrott's a herbivore, he does have a great love of hayburgers. His cutie mark is a hayburger with cheese and a soft drink. His special talent is likely in fast food culinary, similar to Lukey's job.

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Carpenter Bloom, fixing Lukey's ceiling, only to discover a Elite hiding in it. Art done by Whatsapokemon.

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