Luftwaffe (Or lufty for incognito reasons!) is a pegasus mare from Darmstadt in Germany. She is the main subject of a blog run by a British Mod which is primarilly based around question/answer as well as sometimes some short storyline. The blog has been running from around mid October 2014. Luftwaffe is portrayed as a little ditzy but is smart on the inside (like the mod) and has extensive knowledge of the structure of Germany's air force. She has two other friends who sometimes appear if there is a need: these are called Marine and Wehrmacht.

Ask Luftwaffe
Ask Luftwaffe
Ask Luftwaffe tumblr
Blog type RP/Ask blog (OC)
Status Active
Main Character(s) Luftwaffe
Supporting Character(s) Marine and Wehrmacht

Background and Character DesignEdit

Luftwaffe was born on the 8th October 1994 in the city of Darmstadt, Germany. She was born into a family of five having three brothers. Her family was very nazi oriented and attempted to indoctrinate their only daughter, Luftwaffe. But as she grew she became resentful of their beliefs and found them "offensive and disprespectful". After her mother unfortunately died of unknown causes, one of her brothers caught a terminal, infective sickness which began to spread around the family. Luftwaffe and her father were the only ones left alive after three months of hardship and fear. Her father became depressed after all bar one of his family had died and dissapeared just two weeks after the last brother had died. Luftwaffe was forced to create an alias to hide the rumours about her family that escaped not long before. She worked from the age of 16 in a small corner shop selling sweets and groceries until she had collected enough money to buy transport to equestria where she could finish her education with a fresh start, back as Luftwaffe.

It was in Equestria where she met a stallion by the name of Vector (modpone) and suggested the idea of making a blog. It was then that the "Ask Luftwaffe" blog was created!


Through the multitude of posts on the blog, the character changes, at first subtly, but then to a greater degree later on. Her original concept had short hair and eyes representative of the show (MLP:FIM), but as time progressed the front of her mane grew longer and protruded further from her head. Her eyes changed subtly to seem slightly tired or shocked with dark and light blues.

Distinctive features:Edit

Cutie mark: It is the "Night's Cross of the Iron Cross"

Family heirloom: It is an Iron Cross

Radically changing features!

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