Name: Lily

Sex: Female

Race: Earth pony

Age: 18

Town: Ponyviille

Cutie Mark: Two red lolipop's with dark blue bows

Ponytype: Fanmade pony


Lilly it,s a sweet and cute pony, with a big big heart. She love every aniamls in Equestria. She work at Sugarcup Corner as sweetsmaker. Her best friends are Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves. She like to make her friends laugh, and to have fun with her friends. She love lolipop's verry much!. She have mane like G3 ponies butt she is a G4 pony. Her Cutie Mark are llipop's beacouse she love lolipop's. At Winterwrap Up she is in Pinkie Pie team. When she was discordate she hates every sweets and been such a grump and liar. Her dream is to go on a dangerous adventure. She want to be a hero.

Tumblr page: Ask Lilly

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