Ask Lightning
Ask lightning
Ask Lightning tumblr
Owner Akamaru01
Status Active
Main Character(s) Lightning

Lightning is an OC pegasus stallion created by Akamaru01. Born with the incredible ability to control electricity, he spent most of his life trying to find a place to call home. He found Ponyville, and has been accepted by the mane 6 and a few other ponies. He currently lives in the guest room in Rainbow Dash's house. He has a blue coat and a yellow mane and tail. His mane is slicked back, and has a tail in the shape of a bolt of lightning. His cutie mark is a cascading image of 4 bolts of electricity.

Cutie mark

Lightning's cutie mark

The mod prefers to personally draw out each scene by hand, before outlining and coloring in GIMP and Sai.

He is the main character in an ongoing fanfiction, called The Ultimate Element.

The blog can be found here.

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