Ask Kind Chrysalis
Ask Kind Chrysalis tumblr
Blog type RP/Ask
Status Most likely bored
Main Character(s) Chrysalis & Her Changelings

Explaination of Kind ChrysalisEdit

This is a blog of Queen Chrysalis that is based on her motivation for attacking Canterlot.


Its reasoning as to why she attacked was "To stop her children from dying, and to save her kind from guaranteed extinction.".


Unless Chrysalis comes back to the show and puts out new canon information, this blog will maintain its direction with Chrysalis as a motherly and caring figure who will do whatever it takes to keep her changelings healthy and safe.


Although Chrysalis is in a relationship, mentioning of this relationship will be scarce as it was only created to give her character access to wealth and modern conveniences.Edit


Changelings originate from eggs which Chrysalis produces asexually. All changelings are her children which she nurses for a few months, then the older changelings help out. She currently is the only female changeling.


Chrysalis cannot eat normal food (may change later) or she will get sick. All her energy is gained from consuming love. She describes love as "Something you inhale, but can taste...".

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