There is no limit to what this blog is about.

Ask Kawaii Spike is just another ask blog that started up in the early Feburary of 2012. This charecter is obviously based on the infamous charecter of the My Litle Pony series, Spike aka the best pony.


Indeed this Spike is based on the one you know and love, but given a much more adorable setting. It consists of just the randomest things that the creator might consider desu. Using the japanese word Kawaii, this spike tends to turn slightly to the more anime-ish style.

Originally the blog was named "Kawii Spike" missing the "a"

The name "Kawii" was made by no apparent reason. But it was a spelling error that was too late to fix for it had bonded with the charecter. This blog's content consists of fanwork as well as the regularly updated content. This blog is updated by photos in forms of both really silly photos and Gifs (Example). Kawaii Spike is charecterized diffrent from other Spikes with his little blushes and his pure idiotic reactions that might as well give you diabetus.


This blog rarley follows a story line. Instead it throws in nothing but random posts. But lately it has started a game in the form of question as commands to a platforming game. And then abandoning that a month later.

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