Ask Kaeda Paint!
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Ask Kaeda Paint tumblr
Owner Kayla Mod
Blog type Ask blog
Status Active
Date Created November 2012
Main Character(s) Kaeda paint
Supporting Character(s) Chocolate Kiss

About Kaeda PaintEdit

Kaeda Paint (Kaeda Ann Painterson), is a 19 year old pegasus who was born on May 13 and was raised in Ohayo with her younger sister, Love song and her older sibling(Not yet released). She now lives with her friend, Chocolate Kiss, in a small store in Ponyville at the moment.

Kaeda is a little shy at first but Once you get to know her better, she becomes very friendly and a good listener. Kaeda can be a bit stubborn or mopey at times when she's in a bad mood though.

She has had a pretty sad past. The story behind her flying is unknown at the moment. It hurts her to think about about it.  Her father is a weather pony in control of snow and her mother's a florist, her sister's a music writer and singer.

About Chocolate KissEdit

Chocolate Kiss(Chocolate chip Kiss) is a 21 year old unicorn born November 2nd and was born and raised in Manehatten with his two older brothers. He is also related to Rarity. He now lives in Ponyville with Kaeda Paint in a small store.

Kiss very friendly and sweet. He gets along with ponies very well as they do him, he is nervous around mares though considering he always attracts them somehow.

He had a normal childhood. His father is a miner and so are his brothers. His mother is a culinary artist.



Kaeda's reference.

Kaeda is a mix between Shetland pony(the fluffy mane and tail) and pony of the americas(the size and markings).

Her cutiemark(a pencil) means she has a talent for drawing and using other art mediums. Kaeda also has a love for art.

The Mod of Ask KaedaEdit


The ask Kaeda mod

The Ask Kaeda mod is named Kayla(AKA Suteki). She mainly uses Gimp for everything.

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