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Date Created April, 2012
Main Character(s) Jeddy

Short BackstoryEdit

After living on his own for several years in Manehattan studying various things, such as alchemy and brewery, Jeddy settled down in a small part of Ponville to set up a tea and coffee shoppe called Radioactive Brewery. He hoofpicks what goes in and out of blends of tea, often creating his own blend, sometimes using certain chemicals for sideeffects, such as glowing and stimulation. The blog is moderated by TinyCat23




Jeddy is a rather tall pony, standing at approximately 6foot 3inches. Despite his height, he does not look to be very strong, with enough muscle power to lift and carry at most 130pounds. His fur is a darker grey colour, excluding his ears. His ears are rainbow, base starting at red and the centre being purple. His mane is a teal/mint green colour, the front varying in syles, mostly shorter styles. His tail is rainbow and rather long, large and puffy for a pony. The base of his tail starting at red and the tip being purple. His eyes are a crystal blue, despite the darker coat colour. He has a slight German-like accent, despite being from Manehattan.

Cutie Mark

Jeddy's cutiemark is a large, black radioactive symbol. He gained his cutiemark when he gained a passion for radiology and chemestry, specifically dealing with radioactive materials.


Jeddy's personality is just a mixture, ranging from one moment he's happy, to the next he's angry. Most of the time he's sarcastic and a bit bitchy, but in a good mood. He tends to be sarcastic when blatantly obvious things are asked or pointed out. He doesn't mind being picked on, bullied, or hated, but things tend to break if you insult his marefriend or closer friends. He often makes a fool of himself by acting strange or accidentally messing something up, though he always laughs about it after realizing he was making a fool of himself. Despite having a marefriend, he's always flirting, be it with stallions or mares, occasionally saying suggestive things or innuendos to foals. He's very loyal to his marefriend even with the flirting, even when asked to be the coltfriend of the stallion of his dreams, he always denies relationships with anypony else.


Fiddle Stitch - Marefriend

Prince Patches - Son

Winterstone - Bestfriend

Augold - Closer Friend

Blueberry Cheesecake - Friend

Aelita - Non-blood sister and best friend


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