Ask Jappleack
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Ask Jappleack tumblr
Owner Max Gilardi (hotdiggedydemon)
Status 'Finished'
Date Created October 2011
Main Character(s) Jappleack (Applejack)
Supporting Character(s) Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh

Ask Jappleack is a NSFW ask blog starring Jappleack, an alternate universe version of Applejack. The blog was created as a tie-in to the PONY.MOV series of videos. Ask Jappleack is run by Max Gilardi, also known as hotdiggedydemon. It should be noted that after the story got underway, the blog took a surprisingly non-NSFW route and the story is surprisingly nothing at all like the PONY.MOV series. This might be due to the nature of Equestria prime being a much nicer place and it's influence on Jappleack herself. From a story-writing perspective however, the reason is still unknown.

Jappleack is a foul-mouthed, apple-obsessed caricature of the canon Applejack. Subjects of questions vary, covering topics such as what Jappleack thinks of the other 5 members of the Mane 6, Jappleack's meal plan, tomatoes, and discussing whether or not Jappleack can eat all those apples. Posts are usually accompanied by a fact about apples.

Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh occasionally make appearances. Apple Bloom is almost constantly abused, beaten, and mistreated by her older sister. Jappleack eventually acts nicer to Apple Bloom, but this only happens shortly before Apple Bloom's death in SHED.MOV, where she is crushed by Discord's foot immediately after earning her cutie mark (a flower).

Shortly afterwards, Jappleack becomes sick of apples, due to grief over her sister and Rainbow Dash's deaths, and after trying other fruit, overdoses on apples again, leading her to have visions of an odd apple entity. After waking up from the apple-induced coma, she decides to pursue the entity again, against Big Macintosh's wishes.

She finds herself in the mainstream Equestria, referred to as 'Equestria-Prime', and from there on in is drawn into conflict with Appleox, one of the Eons-old Titans of Harmony, who has been consuming pony-verses and is heading for prime.

The blog is no longer going to be worked on as the series is now finished. It is unknown and unlikely, based on some of his statements upon finishing PONY.MOV, if hotdiggedydemon will continue the blog but for now, it's finished.

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