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Date Created August 2012
Main Character(s) Internet Explorer
Supporting Character(s) Netscape, Filly IE, Bradan Pony
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This is a Humor blog about a snarky pony who Represents the popular yet slow "Internet Explorer". Most of the time you'll see IE trying to prove herself that she's the best browser ever, And constantly competes with her rival browsers, mainly Firefox.


The art is hand drawn from scratch on a tablet, and drawn on Paint Tool SAI or Photoshop. (The old mod used Gimp 2.6.) The style is aiming toward a semi-show accurate/canon style.

Character bioEdit

Internet Explorer


IE being as cute as a button

Hair as long enough so she can flip it, Internet Explorer (AKA IE) is one of the most brattiest ponies you'll ever meet. As I said, most of the time she's proving that she is the best browser, and why all the others suck. If you haven't updated IE in a while, she'll bug you till you update her. If she crashes your computer and you loose all your important unsaved file's she'll shrug and go "Not my fault!" Her relationship with the other browsers isn't the best, although deep down she thinks that their all her best friends, no matter how much she could shove them around, bossing everyone around (Especially Safari) And no matter how much they rival against each other (Especially Firefox.)

  • Name- Microsoft Internet Explorer

    "Ya just gotta deal with her existance."

  • Nicknames- IE, IE pony, Explorer, Ivy (nicknamed by Opera)
  • Age- 22, although she was created 18 years ago.
  • Birthday- August 16th 1995
  • Mane color- Blonde
  • Coat color- Light blue
  • Eye color- Orange
  • Cutie mark- IE8 logo