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Status Inactive
Date Created March 2013
Main Character(s) Fluttershy (Ignored Fluttershy)
Supporting Character(s) J, Marci, and Sweet Insanity

Ask Ignored FluttershyEdit

Ask Ignored Fluttershy is a drawn, ask blog created by Justice Prevail.


Oh hi... I'm Fluttershy.

Fluttershy was part of the elements of harmony until
one day the other elements started ignoring her because of how she accidently did something bad and they though she purposely did it,the thing was that her stare messed up the minds of the creatures she glared at but she didn't know it would be such a harmful thing to do,she didn't mean it but the other elements wouldn't listen and understand that she didn't mean
to do it,they just decided to abandon her and never speak to her again.whenever Fluttershy tried talking to them but all they did was just pretend she wasn't there or they'd insult her especially when she wanted something from them,all they'd do was not listen or they wouldn't give her what she needed/wanted from them even though it'd be Fluttershy got a hoodie and wore it everywhere since noone talked to her anyways so she thought she'd be better off being invisible instead of trying to get attention and fai
ling at day she broke down and went to the woods to cry,when she was crying a mysterious mare nicknamed J walked up and calmed her down,J is a secret detective so noone really knows who she is but everypony seemed to judge how she looked but she didn't mind or care,she had no friends,she
never left her house,she originally lived in canterlot but after an incident of her attempting suicide(which is why she wears a collar) she decided to move to ponyville and work there,she didn't have anywhere to stay and even though she had a lot of money,she couldn't buy a house or stay in a hotel since noone had to know who and where she is so after venting and talking to eachother the mares decided to become roomates and live together and since then they've became great friends.Fluttershy also
Untitled drawing by justiceprevail-d61lr0b
befriended a friend of J's name Marci,a super energetic flirty mare who isn't very bright and for some reason has swirly eyes,she doesn't do much and has nowhere to live so she just hangs around Fluttershy and J and bugs them a lot because that's just how she is,she has no other friends because she thinks everyone isn't "cool" (unique) enough to hang out with her....even though Fluttershy doesn't like her much and clearly shows it at all times whenever Marci pops up (Marci is like the Pinkie Pie of the group).

Sweet Insanity is the mod/Creator of "askignoredfluttershy",not much to say about her other than she's obssessed with sweets,is insane,and is pretty random and grouchy
Sweet insanity oc reference sheet by nos212-d6b50px