Ask Human Vinyl and Derpy is an art blog run by ImperialPoison featuring human versions of the titular

Our heroes. God help us.

background ponies. The basic premise is that Vinyl Scratch has noticed the acclaim that comes with being in a popular ask blog and decided to start her own to achieve fame. New friend Derpy serves as her "assistant" of sorts as she reinvents her blog every so often in an attempt to emulate other popular blogs. Thus far, Vinyl Scratch has attempted to imitate a porn blog, later switching to grimdark.


Vinyl Scratch is depicted as a slightly overweight Asian with her cutie mark on her left thigh. Her fashions consist mainly of revealing or tight "alternative" outfits, usually missing her trademark sunglasses. Her personality is somewhat selfish and she often acts without thinking. She is shown in one update to be married to fellow background character Octavia.

Derpy Hooves (which may be a nickname based on this post.) is depicted as a tall blonde, with her cutie mark location currently unknown. She dons mostly baggy and/or childish outfits. She is shown to be slightly eccentric, and a huge pushover. Here, she is depicted as having background character Dinky Hooves as a daughter.

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