Twilight Sparkle's human representation in this universe.

Ask Human Twilight is a story-driven blog blog run by RhiaBOX, also known as Wilney. This blog features the lavender pony, Twilight Sparkle, having swapped bodies with a human counterpart after a powerful spell cast in their sleep.

Though mainly a story blog, there will be gaps in story progression, filled with random questions from the viewer base


The story begins, following Twilight from the night of her transformation, the coming days afterwards and her struggle to adapt to the world of Humans. Featuring an alternate historical trajectory, the Equestria of today is overhauled and actually devoid of ponies, pegasi and unicorns alike, with the magical equine creatures existing as the world's folklore and mythos.

Equestrian lore, as pertinent to this blog, will be disclosed to the viewers in a series of special posts as the story progresses and as the topics need be addressed.

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