Ask Human Trixie
Ask Human Trixie tumblr
Owner Sirensy
Blog type Draw, Ask
Status Inactive
Date Created December 2011
Main Character(s) Trixie

Ask Human Trixie was a drawn Story-Based Ask Blog written and drawn by Sirensy. This blog was started in late December of 2011.

It updated on a weekly basis on Fridays. This blog showed an alternate reality of Equestria, where everyone is, in essence, a human.

This blog took place approximately a year after Human Trixie's flee from Ponyville, living on her own and continuing to put on her magic shows.

This blog also made frequent jokes, with many puns and witty comments made by the rather snarky Trixie.

Trixie is still egotistical and boastful in the blog, and remains mostly true to her Canon counterpart.

The last draw post was posted in April 2012, after which the blog became inactive. In January 2013, Sereny acknowledged that inactivity in a blog post and announced plans to reinvigourate the blog, plans which seem to have fallen through.

Sometime between January and December 2013, the blog was deleted, although many of the posts are still available at the artist's deviantART page.

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