Ask Human Luna
Human Luna 30 min ref
Updated Tuesdays and Thursdays
Ask Human Luna tumblr
Status Dead
Main Character(s) Luna
Supporting Character(s) Celestia, Discord, Blueblood

Ask Human Luna is a drawn reply blog that takes place in an alternate Equestria where all characters are human. The characters aren't always similar to their official pony counterparts, and the blog uses it's own interpretation of the events and characters from the show. It follows a comedy response format, with occasional breaks into a larger storyarc.

Luna is an attention loving tease who enjoys messing with her followers and living in carefree hedonism. She has returned from her thousand year banishment but is still ashamed about becoming Nightmare Moon.

Celestia is reserved and serious. Her guilt about banishing Luna keeps the two distant.

Blueblood is Luna's egotistical 42nd cousin who hopes to emulate her seduction techniques.

Discord is less over the top and doesn't seem to go out of his way to cause trouble, although his relationship with the princesses still appears sour. He lives in Tumblrville, a forrest that connects various alternate universes (other tumblr blogs).

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