Ask Happy GoLucky
Askhappygolucky tmb
Ask Happy GoLucky tumblr
Owner GoldenBlack
Status Active
Main Character(s) Happy GoLucky
Supporting Character(s) None yet, but Canon universe
Connected With None.

Ask Happy GoLucky" is an ask-blog set in the main canon world. Happy GoLucky is an engineer from Canterlot, though she tends to travel around a fair bit, as her job means she has to do a lot of testing and talking to other ponies.

She visits Ponyville very often, but is a little shy around the Mane Six, given their almost superhero status and their humble attitudes despite saving Equestria multiple times.

Happy GoLucky specialises in engineering prosthetic devices and aids for ponies with various disabilities. As such, she works with other engineers and medical staff in order to design assistant devices for particular cases. Happy GoLucky herself is missing the lower part of both back legs from the hock down.

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