Ask Grimdark Big Mac
Ask Grimdark Big Mac tumblr
Owner Autonomous Zed (deviantART)
Status Active
Main Character(s) Big Macintosh, Spitfire

Ask Grimdark Big Mac (or Ask the Darkest Apple Core) is a drawn ask blog run by Autonomous Zed, featuring Big Macintosh. Though the name and main character suggest otherwise, the blog is really more a parody of grimdark blogs. The blog is not NSFW, but contains many instances of bad language.


Grimdark Big Mac is a parody of other Grimdark blogs. Big Macintosh is in fact fairly harmless, but believes himself to be incredibly evil. However, his love interest Spitfire is far more foul-mouthed and violent.

Another recurring character is Carrot Top (Golden Harvest) who is the head of a carrot farm rivalling Sweet Apple Acres, and plots to overthrow them.

The blog also features a segment starring Fluttershy in an office environment dealing with day to day life.


Grimdark Big Mac has had several crossovers with other blogs, including:


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