Ask GreenStylus

Ask GreenStylus
Ask GreenStylus tumblr
Owner EllyCoo
Blog type Ask Blog
Status Active
Date Created 12 November
Supporting Character(s) Elements, Frost Burn, Moontree, Lagoon Star

The Ask BlogEdit

GreenStylus is a Pegasearth; a Pegasus with Earth Pony powers, in her world, everyone can fly or do magic (though they don't have it all right in the blood). She's the Element of Sympathy, which means you can feel natural around her (not too much though)!
She's here to answer all your questions, after saving the world with her friends! ... Since she's kinda bored at the moment. You can even ask her friends, family, and entourage!

She's Lagoon Star's student. This princess teaches mental qualities, so help her gain medals! ^^

Story ArcsEdit

(Achievement) COURAGE: [1] GreenStylus suddenly lost all her colors... She appeared in a mysterious green universe, where she met a sort of baby-faced-huge-firefly. She was very scared but overcame her fear and even gave it a name: Jan Gooze.

(Ask arc) FIND A DATE: [2] GreenStylus organized a party to celebrate spring/summer! Her friend Lemon Star is worried to not find a date for the party. In this arc, Lemon will find her true love while Green is preparing the party...

(Full arc) THE PARTY: [3] Finally the day has come! Everypony is at the party with their dresses... Everything is ready: the food, the cake, the drinks, ... after a few problems with one of the guests, the party can finally get started!

Additional informationEdit

Twilicorn is NOT canon to the blog, as in MLP-GD, Twilight becomes an unicorn again.
GreenStylus is in a relationship with a stallion named Frost Burn.
She also has a sister, Axe Day (who will appear sometimes, but not always.
She has a lunar chipmunk, Moontree, that is always with her (in her mane).
Olivia calls her "mommy", but she's not her daughter. Green "fusionned" with a stallion.

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