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Ask Grandioso Forte, or "Griff," is an OC pony blog belonging to Rewdalf. Griff often displays an easygoing and indifferent personality, while usually being caught up in whatever madness occurs on a day-to-day basis. There's no deep backstory or direction to the blog, but as far as themes go, it's pretty consistant.

The blog itself consists of pencil sketch responses to each question, accepting both anonymous and non-anon submissions.

About the CharacterEdit

Griff, full name "Grandioso Forte," is an earth pony stallion who lives in Canterlot. His family consists of Treble Clef, Starlett, and sister Pantomime, who haven't yet been seen on the blog, as they are co-owned OCs. It seems as though Griff is the only member of the family who isn't renowned or well-known for acting, singing, or writing. While his parents are stars among the elite in Canterlot, Griff strives for a life of simplicity and doesn't mind being an average stallion. He's got a good relationship with his parents, and respects their sucess because they're humble, unlike some of Canterlot's more sophisticated residents.

Other CharactersEdit

Aside from Griff, a few other OCs seem to consistantly appear in Griff's blog, cheif among them Striker Storm. Others include Muddy Drips, or "Drippy," who is another OC belonging to Striker, as well as Cobblejack, his giant Applejack robot used for mining minerals. For more info, see his blog, "askstriker."

About the Artist & PodcastEdit

Serenity Cover

Friendship is MADNESS banner By Serenity

Rewdalf, alongside Hawk Johenson, co-hosts the Friendship is MADNESS podcast, a team of dysfunctional bronies who stream episode commentary, read fanfictions, and interview notable members of the brony community.

Their most notable achievements include interviewing both Erica Pitt, an animator who worked on "Friendship is Magic," and Nicole Oliver, the voice actress for Princess Celestia and Cheerilee.

Grandioso Forte is also one of the main characters in an upcoming animated series being put together by the Friendship is MADNESS podcast team. The series is currently in progress.

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