Ask Gargle
New Gargle avi
Ask Gargle tumblr
Owner Kaybee
Blog type Ask, Story, Art
Main Character(s) Gargle, Mint Chip, Dinky Doo
Supporting Character(s) Artisia Blue, Derpy Hooves, Doctor Whooves, assorted foals both canon/and fanon
Connected With Ask Artisia Blue

Gargle is an OC earth pony colt with a complicated mane and a blog. Having moved in the winter to Ponyville from outside Equestria with his chemist father, he juggles his concerns about going to greet the strangers of the town while trying to convince his followers he's not shy.

An odd mix of Slice-is-Life, Comedy, and Drama, Ask Gargle is an art blog with both short answer and story arc components. The story plays out with the aid of questions asked by viewers. SFW.

Mane CharactersEdit

Gargle Scuttle
Gargle : Kid with a blog. Smells like mint. Is about six in human years. Has buck teeth. Is not cute.

Mint Chip 1

Your forelock's on fire.

Mint Chip: Gargle's father, aka the most eccentric artificial flavouring designer in current history. Is a green pegasus with a torn mint leaf as a cutie mark. Has a tendancy to blow things up, but is lovingly protective of his son.

Dinky Doo
: Introduced in the uncharacteristically emotional music video "Don't Worry Dinky Doo" and later shown in the story, this canon background filly is internally battling with the idea of her mother becoming close to a new coltfriend.

Friends and Other PoniesEdit

Ask Gargle shares a world and an arc with Artisia Blue and has also met up with Arthenity , Pirate Luna, and Purl .

Canon ponies appear sporadically


Blog UniverseEdit

Gargle accesses Tumblr through a laptop and a currently unseen 'flycam' which follows him around when he leaves home. He has a mod who manages the blog when he can't and a filter which takes out anything NSFW. Speaks to create text, because hooves. His world progresses slower than our world, like Narnia, only backwards.

Running GagsEdit

Sea Trolls, Gargle is not cute (a dubious claim), Gargle is a hamster

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