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Gama is a young radioactive mare who lives an isolated life away from anypony else for thier protection.


Gama's hometown was at the forefront of equine technology and had always prided themselves on their technological advances.

As their dependancy on technology grew so did their consumtpion of electricity. As demand grew, they found themselves unable to provide energy to everypony and it was decided that a new source of power needed to be built.

The proposed solution was a nuclear power station.

Once the power station was constructed, the high power demands of the residents were finally met and everything seemed to be fine. Shortly after, some residents started to fall ill and were taken into care, and the power plant was shut down as it was discovered that radiation was the cause.

But it was too late and sadly, all but one of those who were ill survived. One yet un-named pregnant mare.

This sole surviver never really recovered and spent the remainder of her life in a research facility for observation before she died giving birth to a filly. 

The filly had a bright yellow glow and a "radioactive" symbol for a cutiemark. She was also found to give off gamma radiation and thus deemed a hazard to others. A deserted farm house was converted into a home for her and necessities were delivered on a weekly basis.

Gama House


Gama lives in a converted farm hosue in a secluded place far away from others.

It's connected to the internet via a large satalite dish on the roof. It's also wired directly to the research facility in which she was born for monitoring.

Each week, ponies in hazard suits deliver necessities to her home. These necessities include a radioactive liquid that readers of the blog named "Gama Juice", which she must drink to keep her radiation levels up and stay alive.

Gama gives off a yellow glow which is closely tied in with her health. Unlike others, she must remain irradiated in order to survive.

In the morning her glow is at it's brightest. As the day goes on, her glow and radiation levels lessen and must be mentained by drinking a special juice.

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