Ask Fuselight
Fuselight avatar
Ask Fuselight tumblr
Owner PhoenixSwift
Blog type Ask, Draw
Status Active
Date Created January 31st, 2012
Main Character(s) Fuselight
Supporting Character(s) Rogue Dream

Ask Fuselight is a tumblr following the life of a pegasi named Fuselight.

About FuselightEdit

You can find Fuselight living with his unicorn roommate, Rogue Dream. Although a pegasus, he doesn't utilize his wings much in his day to day life. He has, however, used them to make the wishes of a filly's fancy for flight come true when he flew Lemon Daze around for fun. For Winter Wrap Up 2012, he was assigned to the Weather Team, a pegasus position, and charged with gathering up the birds.

Fuselight is pretty laid back in personality and not much is known about his past besides implications of a missing sister and a scar he has on his muzzle. He can play the harmonica with hooves. His favorite holiday is Nightmare Night. Although he doesn't believe in aliens, gargoyles, or sea ponies, he is friends with a strange looking creature named Kappa the Kirin.

Fuselight's CallingEdit

His special talent lies in fixing things like something between a Jack of All Trades mechanic and a tinker. A fitting representation of this skill, his cutie mark is a wrench. While fixing things is his special talent, it doesn't stop the tumblrverse from throwing challenges Fuselight's way to fix a myriad of strange things. The range of Fuselight's fixes have included a pony made of chocolate, Pinkie Pie's welcome wagon, Cloud Chaser's goggles, Miss Singuarity's second dorsal actuator, Raindrops' lamp, and Mack's radio.

In addition to fixing things, he has also been approached for advice on fixes to problems that doesn't actually require physically fixing anything. For instance, he recommended the use of a cart to fix the difficulty of carrying around too many items. He also made a flashy show of demonstrating that he can build things as well as repair them by putting on a fireworks display.


Fuselight is always seen wearing a band-aid over his muzzle, which he changes every few days. He has explained that he is not actually currently injured but rather it covers up an old scar. The story of this scar has not been revealed other than the clue that the band-aid serves as both a way to hide the scar and serve as a physical reminder of his estranged sister.

In addition to the band-aid, Fuselight was frequently seen wearing a pair of goggles when the tumblr first started. Since then, he was gifted a technologically advanced visor by Miss Singularity which he modified into a visor with a strap to wear in place of his goggles.

Fuselight in the Flesh!Edit

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