My Little Zombie: Friendship Is Deadly

"Dear Princess Celestia... Everything is looking pretty grim. Ponyville has broken down to unorganized chaos. It's dark here now. Darker than it's ever been before. I'm not sure what happened. Ponies starting getting sick, dying. Then the virus came. Now ponies charge at you, flesh rotting and mouths gaping. I'm scared. I don't know how many are dead, but it's more than there are alive. I can't find Spike. I hope you and Princess Luna are okay. Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle, Zombie Hunter."


My Little Zombie: Friendship is Deadly is currently drawn and controlled by the mod for asktwinkledrop, though she often looks out to her followers for help with the development of the story. FID followes the generic ask blog post rules.

Summary Thus Far

FID is set in a post-apocalyptic Ponyville, where Twilight Sparkle is left to fight her way through zombies to survive, some of them being her former best friends. She seems dependent on an axe for her weapon against the zombies, and it may explain some of the injuries on the current ponies. Twilight is joined by Lotus, Fluttershy, and an injured Applebloom. Later in the story, they are joined by Trixie, who appears to have been bitten and advances on a startled Twilight. Trixie's head is then cut away from a mysterious sword, which ends up belonging to none other than Big Mac.


The main character, Twilight Sparkle, seems to have no design changed other than a slightly tussled mane, which is better than her companions'. Fluttershy wings are bound together with some kind of medical tape, and her mane and tail are cut rather shorter than her original hair, and Trixie has a slightly similar haircut. Lotus seems to have no injuries despite a bandage wrapped around her neck, and Big Mac seems to have suffered no changes at all. Applebloom seems to be in the worst state of them all, with bandaged on her flank and leg, along with a blurred right eye, which could suggest blindness.

Zombified/Dead Pony Count

Rainbow Dash, likely killed from the gaping hole in her chest. Appljack, cut in half. Scootaloo, missing her lower jaw. Sweetie Belle, missing her face and half of her body. Cheerilee, stomach and neck ripped open. Rarity, skin ripped of her flank and leg. Pinkie Pie, missing a hoof and half of her body. Bon Bon, middle of her torso missing, but still connected by her spine. Trixie, with a bite on her back leg. Cloudchaser, with a bite to her throat. Flitter, with half of her body missing. Doctor Whooves (Pegasus), with the back part of his head missing. Raindrops, suicide from hanging herself.

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