Ask Four Inept Guardponies

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Date created

May 2012

Main characters

Bastion, Monolith, Nors, Arrowhead

Supporting characters

Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia, Strawberry Cupcake, Sunwise

Ask Four Inept Guardponies is an ask/drawn tumblr, focussing on the (mis)adventures of four of the worst guards that have ever patrolled the halls of Canterlot Palace.

Primary charactersEdit

Bastion: Bastion is a unicorn and the sergeant of the squad. Despite his selfishness and gluttony, he somehow managed to maintain this position, mostly because nopony can be bothered to do anything about it.

Monolith: A pegasus who would rather spend his time sleeping or otherwise goofing off. He joined the royal guard thinking it would mostly involve standing around, but soon found out that that's extremely boring when he can't hide somewhere to take a nap.

Nors: Nors is a pegasus who is often distracted from his duties by either his music or his Farmville addiction.

Arrowhead: She is one of the few mares in the royal guard, and off the four she is the most serious, dutiful and enthusiastic. Unfortunately, she is also weak, a pervert, an extreme fan of romance/erotic novels, and very, very small.

Secondary charactersEdit

Shining Armor: As captain of the guard, Shining Armor is often the first to have to deal with the problems caused by the guards. He rules the guard with an iron fist hoof.

Princess Cadence: A beautiful, delicate flower. For some reason, everypony is afraid of her.

Princess Celestia: The immortal ruler of Equestria is ussually a kind, benevolent alicorn, who has only her subjects best interests in mind. You just have to hope she doesn't get bored.

Strawberry Cupcake: Monolith's wife and one of the royal bakers.

Sunwise: A lunar guard who is Arrowhead's coltfriend.

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