Fluttersea ( A Tumblr pony Ask/RP account )

Fluttersea Is an OC from the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This Fun-loving pegasus loves to fly around,hang out,or just help her friends out.

She also loves these muffins she invented one day,called Sea Muffins. Sea muffins are like normal muffins,but are sweet and salty because of the ocean water spilled a bit in each muffin. Fluttersea got her cutie mark by making a Sea muffin. First they were normal muffins,she ate them,and then the next day,her cutie mark was there. This is why this cute pony loves the sea! Fluttersea also has her own tumblr blog,called askfluttersea. This is where you can RP (Roleplay) with her or ask questions. Fluttersea's hobbies are baking Sea muffins,sometimes singing,flying,playing with friends,and just plain having fun! Fluttersea is definetly not a shy pony,but gets flustered easily.

Her weak spots are her wings,her neck,and her flank,and she'll be pretty flustered and mad if you touch them or make any contact with them. Fluttersea also shows respect to everypony,and leaves nopony out,and also can be trusted,so don't be afraid to be truthful with her! Fluttersea also has a mysterious coltfriend that nopony knows about only her admin,the coltfriend's admin,and Fluttersea.

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