The Blog:Ask-Fleetfoot is an ask blog, where followers can ask Fleetfoot about her normal life, what it's like being a Wonderbolt, her family and suchlike. The replies are normally recolours, although occasionaly they will be plain text replies. Other ponies are occasionaly shown and the artist will sometimes post recolours requested by friends.

Basic Facts: Fleetfoot is one of the original 11 Wonderbolts seen in the show, and is known to be the fastest Wonderbolt. She is very interested in the theory of flight, and works hard to take care of her friends, fellow Wonderbolt or not. She is generally cheerful and happy, rather book-ish, and is happy to be called either 'Fleetfoot' or 'Fleet.

Family: Fleetfoot is shown to have a mother called Amberleaf, a father called Qubed Root, and four sisters. From oldest to youngest, her sisters are Charybdis, (Fleet herself), Roseleaf and Nightgale. Both her parents and Charybdis are unicorns, but Fleet and her two younger sisters are pegasi. Her family occasionaly make an appearance in her replies.

Background: Fleet lived with her family in Manetree, a small town outside Coltchester, until she was old enough to leave, at which time she moved to Cloudsdale. She was the last in her class to get her cutie mark, which she gained when she was dared to fly through an active storm by Nightgale and discovered that by charging herself on a storm cloud she could alter the path of lightning. Currently, her parents and her two younger sisters live in Manetree, and Charybdis has a house at Furs hill (a hill in the middle of a wood near Manetree).

Fleetfoot joined the 'Bolts at quite a young age, after her family eventually convinced her to send in an application form - despite being a huge fan, she had never considered joining. She was instantly accepted, and soon after she couldn't image life without being a 'Bolt.

Other/personal: Fleetfoot's coltfriend is a unicorn called Orion, whom she met when he accidentaly shrunk himself.

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