Ask Flare Fireburst
Flare fireburst avatar
Ask Flare Fireburst tumblr
Owner hopeabandoner
Status Active
Date Created 18 Oct 2012
Main Character(s) Flare Fireburst

Ask-Fireburst is a blog that focuses mainly around the occasional mishaps of Flare, a teenage colt who primarily controls the element of fire. The "ask" part of the blog is varies, with answers ranging from art to the basic form of text mostly.

Flare's Adventures in Pony Miner is a recent series, in which the protanganist (Flare) suddenly appears in a strange, 2D, blocky world. The series is current very incomplete, but will continue for quite some time. "Pony Miner", as the title of the series suggests, is a game that the blog's mod, hopeabandoner, has started creating. Not much is known about said game, but it is going to be released when hopeabandoner "feels that it's ready." From what we know, it is a game similar to the popular internet games "Minecraft" and "Terraria", although mostly facing around "Terraria".

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