Ask Fireflank
Tumblr Icon
Ask Fireflank tumblr
Owner DashAttack
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created March 2012
Main Character(s) Firecracker Burst

Ask Fireflank is a (mostly) family friendly ask blog that is written and drawn by DashAttack and is being used as a means to improve his art style. This blog, while relatively new, follows the antics of the blind bag recolor, Firecracker Burst.

As of now, this blog primarily features Firecracker Burst. However, another blind bag recolor, Pepperdance, has made a brief cameo in at least one post. Other characters of the show are prone to show up on occasion, but are limited to situational use.

The conception of this character started within the Ohio Bronies group when a few members thought it would be entertaining to label her as a pyromaniac due to her cutie mark before aptly naming her "Fireass" (or Fireflank, in order to remain in the family friendly spirit). From there, the character became a running joke before eventually birthing Ask Fireflank.

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