Ask Filly Twilight
Avatar a5a769931e15 128
Ask Filly Twilight tumblr
Owner Dream (DA, Tumblr)
Blog type Drawn, Ask
Status Active
Date Created December 2011
Main Character(s) Twilight Sparkle

Ask Filly Twilight is a drawn ask blog run by Dream. The blog focuses on Twilight Sparkle after she accidentally uses a spell to turn her into a young filly and features Filly Twilight being extremely adorable.

The current storyline feature Princess Cadance, Twilight's old foalsitter, to watch over Twilight by order of Celestia while Twilight researches for a cure but often times they get off track and goof off a bit.

Book fort Edit

I'm not sure if Filly Twilight started the trend, but Book forts do feature on her blog quite often. This is the earliest mention I could find.

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