Ask Filly Rarity
Ask Filly Rarity tumblr
Blog type Cute
Status Active
Date Created 5/28/2012
Main Character(s) Filly Rarity, Baby Sweetie Belle
Supporting Character(s) Numerous/Random
Connected With A Touch of Diamonds

Ask Filly Rarity is a heavily ask-driven draw blog​ concerning the life and adventures of Rarity, following her inelegant shrinking back to fillyhood.

Expect a roughly equal mix of adorableness and silliness.


One day, while Rarity was out gathering gems, she happened upon a beautiful gem unlike any she had seen before. She went to pick up this magnificent crystal, when there was a flash of blinding light.

Suddenly Rarity woke up to find that she had regressed to the age of a filly, and her sister Sweetie Belle had turned into a baby. The gem turned a dark black color, and no longer responds to anything. ​

Now with nothing better to do while she grows up again, Filly Rarity has made a Tumblr, and you can ask her questions. Filly Rarity still tries to maintain the elegance and class that she had as a lady, but does allow herself to cut loose and enjoy being a cute lil' filly again. At least she doesn't have to get her cutie mark again! 

Don't hesitate to drop by and put a question in the ask box, she gets around to answering them whenever she can!

Gaming Side 

The mod's influence has made it so people question why the blog isn't called Ask Filly ~Gamer~ Rarity. He justifies it by saying that the younger filly Rarity could be open to new things like gaming, and she also looks up to Ask Gamer Rarity as a role model. 

  • Challenging Gamer Rarity to a 1 v 1.
  • TF2 Spy Rarity
  • Resident Evil 6: Ada Wong Filly Rarity
  • Halo: Arbiter Rarity
  • Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth Rarity
  • Gears of War Rarity

The Great Cat War

After getting rejected by Celestia over the issue of several acres of land, Cadance declares war upon Canterlot. The choice of ammo---cats. 

Armored raricat

It started with Discord turning Filly Rarity into Raricat by the request of Cadance. When she was rejected the land for the Crystal Empire, she flung the Raricat into Celestia's face. So the war was on. Cadance prepared an army of cats from various followers, which was led by Raricat and Dashiecat. Both Cadance and Celestia turned into cats as well, and they were on the brink of the final battle, when Shining Armor returned and stopped it. 

The story of the war ends with a surrender from Cadance due to financial problems, and a desire to return to peace. 

You can read the Cat War Story Arc chronologically here



This will happen.

This WILL happen. 



Blog InteractionsEdit

Filly Rarity will randomly interact with blogs that ask questions, there are no bounds in the Filly Rarity universe. 

  • Albino Pie
  • Little Eris
  • Pirate Dash
  • Little Orphan Scootaloo
  • Filly Vinyl Scratch
  • Backy

A Touch of DiamondsEdit

Filly Rarity is also involved in the collaborative blog: A Touch of Diamonds. Her job at the spa is to make sure that all the guests are happy!


LMR and Filly


Mademoiselle, Fiwwy, Filly

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