Ask Faithhoof
Ask Faithhoof tumblr
Blog type Ask, draw, roleplay
Status Active
Date Created February 2012
Main Character(s) Faithhoof
Connected With ask-candyknight, mrlibrarian, ask-discord-and-eris, asksiranon, askfuselight, ask-decimal, askkappathekirin, doublethedinos, korokage

Ask Faithhoof is an Art blog created by artist hedjeroo, following her pink pegasus pony OC named Faithhoof as she answers questions from the many ponies (and other creatures) of the Tumblrverse, experiencing some personal trials and recalling previous trials conquered as she does so.

The blog is very much intended as a Safe For Work blog, with the most work-unsafe references coming from the recurring antagonist Second Hand. The blog doesn't categorize as grimdark or sexual overall, but may deal with some more mature subjects with a slightly heavier hand than the cartoon.

A lot of the story-based content is collaborative writing amongst the authors of Ask Faithhoof, Ask Candyknight and Mr Librarian's Not-Especially-Literary Blog. The three characters are very much in the same universe, and the ring of blogs has its own canon perhaps separate from other universes which plays an integral part in the stories.

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Recurring Characters (authored)Edit

These are characters that the blog author created themselves.

Faithhoof: the titular character; a young pegasus mare from Shireland, the Emerald Isles. Her Cutie Mark is the Universal Faith Symbol in green.

Second Hand: an antagonistic unicorn mare who seems hellbent on ruining Faith's life, mostly because of a grudge she has with Mr. Librarian.

Recurring Characters (other authors)Edit

These are characters that appear in the blog regularly belonging to other authors.

Candyknight: an earth pony foal with a penchant for forging candy-based weaponry, treated much like a little sibling by Faithhoof.

Mr. Librarian: a unicorn stallion who owns a bookshop, held in very high regard by Faithhoof and also the object of her affections.

Human Discord/Eris: the spirit of Discord and a split-off spirit Eris, who came from a universe of humans. While Discord has been the recent cause of many of Faithhoof's trials, Eris has also relieved her of such griefs.