Ask Eternal Loop is an ask blog with an overlaying story as well. Instead of having short plot lines, it has one long one which all the asks contribute to. 

The general plot is that a pony known as Doctor Whooves, a ponified version of The Doctor from Doctor Who has somehow ended up using the Chameleon Arch  , apparently after something happened that caused him to regenerate and lose his first companion, Derpy Hooves. 


-Warning, contains spoilers potentially. 

Eternal Loop was originally the Doctor, but something happened to his companion, Ditzy Doo (Derpy Hooves), causing him to regenerate. Apparently this was too much for him to handle, as he ran away to hide himself using the Chameleon Arch. He turned fully pony, forgot everything about himself, and became a lonely pony by the name of Eternal Loop. 

Eventually he noticed the watch's glowing and fell asleep, letting the Doctor actually talk with the audience for once. Apparently the Doctor is only able to communicate in dreams, but he seems to be cheerful.


The Doctor seems to have regenerated into a pegasi, but has no idea how to use his wings as he probably turned himself into Eternity before he could learn. Eternity is a very lonely pony with few friends, if any, and seems very quiet. He is embarrassed easily and refuses to interact much with other blogs, besides ask doctor who, another Doctor Whooves ask blog. Eternity seems sad sometimes, but at other times he can be happy and excited. He doesn't know what happened to Derpy, although there is a picture of a grey pegasus with yellow eyes and hair on his bookshelf, along with two keys, and a book that looks like the TARDIS. It is unknown if he is even aware he has them. 

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