Ask Equestria BLU Team
Equestria Fortess BLU Team Logo
Ask Equestria BLU Team tumblr
Owner mat2modblog
Status Dead
Main Character(s) Equestria Fortress BLU Team, Equestria Fortress RED Team, RED Team, BLU team

This blog has been discontinued due to the mod's frustration with the administration of most major social media websites, though the characters can still be found on his Zippcast channel, primarily in the "Mattwo's Random Reviews" series and he still intends to bring back this particular blog in audio comic format due to the popularity it managed to receive. [1]

The Equestrian Fortress TeamsEdit

  • Fluttermedic
  • Rainbow Scout
  • Engyjack
  • Pinkie Pyro
  • Twiper
  • Spyitiy
  • Democorra
  • Derpider
  • Heavy Mac

Cameos from other blogsEdit



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