Ask Epic Rainbow Dash
Ask Epic Rainbow Dash tumblr
It started out with a new Rainbow Dash, who started out as Awesome Dash, only to be punched in the face by the already existing Awesome Dash. A drawn out battle (get it? I make terrible puns.) ensues, including a double Rainboom (what does it mean?), and ending on a high note.

The next development followed quickly when the now newly named Epic Rainbow Dash got her home blown up by Dead Rainbow Dash (NSFW). With the help of her new followers she recovers, and the battle with Dead RD is on. Epic scores the first hit with a Sonic Rainbow Punch, but it wasn't very effective. With Rainbow Plushie looking on, Dead RD tries to punch, but is blocked. Epic gets the upper hand with a Sonic Rain Bomb, but Dead RD finally makes an unexpected comeback (NSFW). While the battle continues, more multiverse RDs are gathering to watch, including the recently revived Rainbow Freakin Dash, the recently fillified Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Factory Dash (NSFW), Human Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash Chubbie, and Pirate Dash, who is between ships at the moment. We're still waiting to see who will be left standing in the end.

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