Ask Ennui Pony
Pony shrug
Whamma gon' do bou' that?!
Ask Ennui Pony tumblr
Owner This guy
Blog type ask/whatever/bleh
Status active
Date Created 01/10/13
Main Character(s) Vitriol
Supporting Character(s) Feh
Connected With Nothing whatsoever

Sometimes things happen. Maybe. Nobody's asked anything.


Ponyville. But there's not much to do in Ponyville. Whatever.


We're still doing this? Who cares who's in this thing?


There are ponies in it.


The main dude, er, pony.

Tired. Bored. Blunt. Super good at making sandwiches.

Hey, if you're boredEdit

I'm bored too. Give me something to do. Ask a question. Please?

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