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Ask Dream Breaker
Dream Breaker
Ask Dream Breaker tumblr
Blog type Ask, Story
Status Aktive
Date Created July 2012
Main Character(s) Dream Breaker
Supporting Character(s) Lyra, Princess Luna

My name is Dream Breaker and I am an earth pony. It is bad luck, because my family is unicorn. My ancestors were also unicorns. I am the first earth pony, who was born in my family. I have a little sister and parents. My grandparents were dead. And it is bad luck too that I am earth pony, because I always wanted to conjure.

When I am a little colt, I lived in Canterlot. I was seven when my father enrolled me on the commander academy. I performed with excellent results and they sent me to the Equestria's prison as Director.

The prison is very old and dilapidated. The prisoners escape easily. But I try change that. It will not be easy, because we do not get a lot of support. True, Princess Luna will give a million of bits to the prison, but I accidentally burned the letter, where she wrote this.

And why I made this blog? Because I am so bored.

(I will tell more, if the story continues. And sorry my English, but I'm just now studying.)

Last update: 2012.11.28

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