Ask Doctor Whooves Blog
Ask Doctor Whooves Blog tumblr
Owner Somewhat Evil(?)
Blog type Parody/Tutorial/Criticism for Doctor Whooves blogs.
Status unknown
Date Created unknown
Main Character(s) "Virus" Doctor, Derpy.
Supporting Character(s) "Not so loney Doctor" and the fake reboots of said blog. Unknown user/mod(?) character.
Connected With Ask Discord Whooves, Not so loney doctor

This blog was initially created as a satirical tutorial on how to make doctor whooves blogs, criticizing some of the common flaws among them.

Notably, the phrase "Stop making doctor whooves blogs" is said often.

In spite of having ask in the blog url and name, it's not actually an ask blog, as the only asks that have been answered are from people who felt offended by the blog due them not understanding the satirical nature of the criticism.

Virus DoctorEdit

After the tutorial was finished, the "Doctor Whooves" character of this blog started corrupting Not so lonely doctor and the fake reboots that were done in that blog as it was also a satire meant to criticize the many doctor whooves blogs on tumblr.

Discord WhoovesEdit

After doing that, the mysterious user or blog's mod sent the "Virus Doctor" to Ask Discord Whooves where he hijacked the story, happy that he had found the source of all the poorly written doctor whooves blogs that have been infesting tumblr.

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