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Status Defunct
Main Character(s) The Doctor, Derpy, Twilight Sparkle

While other "The Doctors" exist in his world, Ask Doctor Twooves is about the main Doctor Hooves of Mattwo's Nexus Universe, who is a time charger from the planet gallopfrey. It's about his adventures and random stuff that happens to him.

Thus far he's fought off an army of spambots, solved a mystery alongside human Tenth Doctor and his future discorded self and saved his version Twilight Sparkle and the Ace Wings alongside Twilight's mother and the Ace Brigade.

He doesn't know what regeneration he is but says "It's definitely farther along than the me you watch on the telly".

He insists on referring to Derpy as Ditzy and does not approve of anyone calling her Derpy as she was bullied with that name as a filly.

He's was last seen on the blog wearing Derpy's old tie which she gave to him as a gift after his green tie was destroyed.

Doctor Twooves was later rebranded to Mattwo's Doctor Whooves and he and Derpy(rebranded to Mattwo's Derpy Hooves) were merged into Ask Mattwo's Mane 6(and company), which was later merged back into AskMat2.


Main charactersEdit

  • The Doctor(Mattwo's Doctor Hooves)
  • Discord Whooves(Doctor Twooves's future self)
  • Twilight Sparkle(Mattwo's Twilight Sparkle)
  • Derpy Hooves(Mattwo's Derpy Hooves)
  • The Master(Mattwo's Doctor Hooves' Master)

Minor and recurring charactersEdit

  • Mattwo's Tenth Doctor(Human)
  • Mattwo's Eleventh Doctor (Human)
  • Mattwo's Twilight Velvet (mistakenly named Star Sparkle at first)
  • The Ace Wings and the Ace Brigade
  • Matone, Mattwo, Matthree and Lord God Libra
  • The Storywriter
  • EeveeDoc A timemon counterpart of Doctor Twooves, he's not actually an Eevee.(Blog is defunct)
  • Mattwo's BLU team, Mattwo's Ms. Pauling, and Mattwo's TF2 Administrator
  • Mattwo's Applejack
  • Pony Luffy and Pony Nami
  • Mattwo's Kamen Rider Den-O
  • Mattwo's Dialga
  • Dalek and Cyberman Salesmen
  • Mattwo's Octavia
  • The Crest(Mattwo's universe main version of Colgate, who is a Time Charger as well)
  • Mattwo's The Professor and Mattwo's Dusk Shine(R63 versions of Doctor Twooves and Twolight Sparkle from another source universe, albeit the main versions of these characters in Mattwo's universe)

Arc villainsEdit

  • Cybermen repurposed into Spambots
  • Dalek Wave, Dalek Rumble, Dalek Frenzy, Dalek Omega "Cyber Heavy-Gunner"
  • Matthree

Notable cameos from other blogsEdit