Ask Doctor Colgate
Ask Doctor Colgate Avatar
Ask Doctor Colgate tumblr
Owner Dazco
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created October 2011
Main Character(s) Doctor Colgate
Supporting Character(s) Anna the Anesthesia Tank

Ask Doctor Colgate is an ask blog detailing the various misadventures of the titular unlicensed dentist and her unfortunate tumblr-based clients. Between her woeful disregard for patient health and safety, her lack of - or refusal to use - traditional dentistry tools, and her unhealthy live-in relationship with Anna the Anesthesia Tank, Colgate is undoubtedly the most terrifying dentist in all Equestria.

Luckily for her, she's also the only dentist.

Her cutie mark is totally a hammer, and not an hourglass viewed through the latter stages of a laughing gas binge. Hammers are very relevant to Colgate's profession, in a manner we'd rather not think too hard about.

Examples of Malpractice, and Interblog LinksEdit

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