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Djose Ohara
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Date Created May 2012

Ask Djose is an ask blog for the OC Djose Ohara. He is a unicorn medic currently working at the Ponyville Hospital.


Djose was born and raised in Trottingham and graduated Trottingham University with a medical degree. He worked at a Trottingham clinic for two months before he decided to move due to the stressful hospital environment. Over the next year he traveled around Equestria earning odd change as a travelling medic, looking for a place to settle down.

Two months later, he moved to Ponyville after a recommendation from a client and managed to get a position in the local hospital. He was eagerly accepted by the hospital staff and quickly built up a strong relationship with his colleagues ans soon he was treating patients not only from Ponyville but also from neighboring Cloudsdale including Wonderbolts Firenze and Fleetfoot.


Djose has a shy, childish persona, he enjoys making people happy and always has faith in a sad situation. He has a strong need to prove himself and often tries to seek recognition through various good deeds.

He is a loving soul who cares for his friends and family, he is protective of them and often shoulders their problems and worries deeply when they are unhappy he is also an introvert and has a tendency to bottle up his problems rather than risk worrying or annoying his friends with his issues.

Personal LifeEdit

Djose is an open coltcuddler (gay) which has caused various troubling incidents in his life however his lifestyle is happily accepted by his family, colleagues and friends.

After arriving in Ponyville he developed a strong crush on local farmer Big Macintosh, however upon revealing his feelings the stallion let him down gently and the two remained the best of friends.

During the Summer Sun Celebration, Djose met an old friend from his time as a travelling Medic, Jet Stream. Jet had been a handful when Djose had worked in the small town of Silvermane, Jet constantly was injuring himself and Djose was always on hand to assist.

At the Celebration, Jet once again hurt himself badly and rather than moving to Silvermane, Djose took him in and nursed him back to health. Djose and wonderbolt Fleetfoot the assisted Jet in moving into his new Cloudsdale home.

It was shortly after this that Djose and Jet revealed feelings for each other and are currently in a loving relationship.

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