All of Dizzykat's Ponies. From left to right: Fizzle Pop, Glitter Ecstasy, Shimmer Star, Rain Maker, and Never Ever.

All five of these ponies are owned by Dizzykat28560, or Dizzykat for short.

You can find Dizzykat on any of these accounts:




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Meet the PoniesEdit

You can find the backstories on each pony here.

A list of all five ponies in the ordered they were created and their talents/professions:

1.) Glitter Ecstasy - Dancer - Female Earth Pony

2.) Shimmer Star - Singer - Female Earth Pony

3.) Fizzle Pop - Caretaker - Female Earth Pony

4.) Never Ever - Unknown - Male Unicorn

5.) Rain Maker - Weather Pegasus - Male Pegasus


You can contact Dizzykat on Facebook, DeviantArt or VIA e-mail (

She is available for Pony Commissions and Art Trades

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