Ask Digigam
Ask Digigam tumblr
Owner Alex
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created December 2011
Main Character(s) Digigam
Connected With Candlelight Song

Chocolate Dip

Ask Digigam (sometimes hypenated Ask-Digigam) is an ask blog revolving around the life and times of the titular unicorn inventor. A charming young colt, many of his posts revolve around his crushes and development as a pony. Others concentrate on his adventures as a traveller.

The blog content is an even mixture of drawn responses, text posts and reblogs. Give it a look!


His most distinguishing feature is a blue and white scarf. This was a gift from an old crush who couldn't reciprocate his feelings for her, and instead asked him to keep her scarf safe for her. He never saw her again.

One part of Digigam's life that keeps recurring is his need to keep moving onward. He travels with a small wagon of his worldly goods, but refuses to remain in one place too long - until he finds the mare for him. Naturally, however, this forces long periods of lonelinesson him as he camps out in abandoned terrain.

After crossing a desert (in search of changelings) and starting to set up in a new location, Digigam rapidly became friends with the ever-kindly and helpful Chocolate Dip. After a follower recommendation (and a certain amount of angst) Digi took Chocolate to the Prom. And it was adorable.

Quite how their relationship will develop from here is anyone's guess. But the future looks bright for the duo...


Digimod, as he is sometimes affectionately known, has appeared a few times in the blog as a ponysona of the author. In an entertaining parallel with the storyline, he is frequently shipped with Modpony from Ask Chocolate Dip. It's very cute, despite both their protests.


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