Ask Diane Pie
"To put it simply? My dimension is jacked up with science."
Ask Diane Pie tumblr
Owner frostedWarlock
Status Dead
Date Created October 21 2011
Main Character(s) Diane "Pinkamena" Pie
Supporting Character(s) Skylight Sparkle, Splash Rainbow, Fluttersky, Applejack, Verity
Connected With Fluttershy Replies, Applejackasks

Ask Diane Pie is a drawn ask blog featuring an alternate universe where ownership of the Elements of Harmony among the mane 6 has been shuffled, focusing on Diane Pie, the Element of Magic.

Diane sports a pair of glasses which double as a computer, allowing her to communicate with others online. Her online handle is duumveratesProtege, a reference to her status as Princess Luna's student (and implying that she is also a student of Princess Celestia).



Diane and Fluttershy traveling through the void.

Diane has access to a void between all different Tumblrverses, allowing her to walk to other ponies' dimensions. While the void is a bit confusing to navigate, Diane seems to have a satisfactory knowledge of its layout.

Diane personally entered the multiverse to find Fluttershy Replies, pulling her out of her universe for the sake of trans-dimensional diplomacy. She brought her back to her library with the intent of allowing Fluttershy to ask questions about her universe.

Elsewhere, Applejackasks, stumbling across a portal in her world, attempted to bait it to figure out what it was, but instead, she wound up getting sucked out of her universe as well into Diane's version of Sweet Apple Acres. This universe's Element of Kindness, Applejack (who, for the sake of convenience, will be called Applesky,) wound up contacting the Element of Loyalty, Verity, for help with this doppelganger.

On a more minor note, Skylight Sparkle's sunglasses, which doubled as a computer, was sucked through a portal and wound up in possession of Spot of Ask The Diamond Dogs.

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