Wepon of choice 3

Demopony talking about his favourite weapon, the Eyelander

Ask Demoponyis a funny little ask blog with clever writing, meh art about the Team Fortress 2" most commonly known as The Demoman  (Real name Tavish Degroot) and is very underrated. The story mainly follows The Demopony and his wacky and crazy adventures in ponyville which has yet to be explained, a bit generic I know but its still pretty dam good. The reason he came to equestria let alone ponyville has yet to be explained.

The blog was created by Feline-Gamer  and at first glance the art in ask the demopony isn't spetacular and looks a bit rough, ( even a person who sucks at drawing like me can tell this was done a computer) but the writing is quite clever being one of the major strengths of the ask blog. If you play or just watch TF2 videos in general you will sure to have laugh until you start crying. However even if you are a newcomer to TF2 you will still get a lot of good laughs but not so much if you know TF2 and sometimes the refferences can get rather annoying at times but it does not ruin the over all experience of the blog. 

He often mention his teammates, and some of them is in ponyville too, like the Engie Pony (Who sadly is no longer on tumblr but the link is still up for old time sakes.) and The Pyro Pony with many other's including the Ask the TF2 ponies and many more team mates either from Reliable Excavition Demolition or Builders League United or just people from the audience which is another great thing about this blog.

Interesting piece of Triva, the color pallete used on the blog is the same color palleteof the game Team Fortress 2 which is yet another example of creavity for this art blog, just little details like that make this blog a wonder.

The sad thing about Ask Demopony is that it is one of the few, if not THE only TF2 pony blog still updating. Engie pony,ask-redmedic-pony and the red spy pony have all disappeared, heck even Ask The TF2 Ponies hardly updates! Tet this one little blog still keeps on going despite not even having 1/10 of the fans that it deserves, so what if the art doesn't look good, or the jokes don't always work, this is one of my favorite ask blogs on the pony side of tumblr and number 4 on the TF2 side of Tumblr. If the maker of that blog ever reads this, ( I have my ways) keep on trucking buddy, I'll gladly support you.

Overall this ask blog is most likely worth your time if you like TF2, ponies, and laughter, the best combination possible.

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