Dark pony

Ask Dark Pony
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Owner Mod Blog DA
Blog type Draw, Ask
Status Active
Date Created August 2011
Main Character(s) Dark
Supporting Character(s) Dusk; Hoofington Inkmane

Ask Dark Pony is a blog ran by the same named mod, that covers the adventures of a norse pony that ended up living at Equestria.


Dark (as he is called in Equestria) is a pony that resembles a horse both in shape and size that comes from the barely explored and less known land of Frosesthest at the distant north.

Coming from a violent and brutal viking-like background, he has some issues adapting to the Equestrian way of life, but he tries and has made friends there since then.  So far he considers the pegasi Blueberry Blossom and Blueberry Twist as little siblings, and has adopted an abandoned earth pony foal that he named Dusk as his own son.

Theme and moodEdit

Stories presented are greatly affected by the asks and author's mood; most updates being either grim or cute. Sometimes there is violence, sometimes as what is commonly considered "vent art" and more often because the story requires it.

Inkmane's journalsEdit

A series of pages fro the Equestrian explorer Hoofington Inkmane, who sailed to chart the north and was captured by a norse raiding party.

He, then, took on the task of document this old and unknown culture.


Sometimes, some asks will be answered with things that either are over the top or will show things that are obviously not canon to the main story.

A clever reader will know how to tell those, as the author knows his audience is not stupid.

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