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Ask Creepy Ponies is an original pony ask blog created by aisu10. Five ponies run this blog and take turns answering the questions people ask them. The five ponies are:

  • Artbeat, a white pegasus mare with a rainbow mane whose talent is drawing grimdark art, which she publishes on her art blog Creepy Ponies
  • Kala Marie, a yellow Earth mare with a green and blue mane who has a magic squid living inside her and can utilize its tentacles
  • Dr. X-Ray, a silver unicorn stallion with a blue and gray mane who works as a radiologist and has a skeleton fetish
  • Tick Tock, a brown Earth colt whose internal organs are all clockwork
  • Candle Wicked, a dark purple unicorn mare with a purple and red spiky mane who works as a ghost hunter

So far, no definitive storyline has appeared, but the artist has promised that more about these characters and their relationships with each other will eventually be revealed.

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