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Corrupted Twilight SparkleEdit is a drawn response blog of a version of Twilight Sparkle who was
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The student becomes a teacher

corrupted by Dark Magic. At some unknown point, possibly after the season three premire as Twilight makes a reference to Sombra speaking to her as she studies , she declared herself ruler of the Crystal Empire. As part of her takeover, she corrupted her brother, Shining Armor, Princess Luna, and the rest of the Mane Six, killing Princess Cadence. Of all of her actions, this one seems to be the one she regrets most; she appears to believe Cadence to be still alive in some part of her mind.

Princess Celestia remains, as of this writing, uncorrupted; however, Twilight Sparkle says the Princess is "learning well ." The bulk of the blog is her responding to questions from what she calls "Her students", and many of these questions seem to be asking what has happened to her friends.

From time to time, Twilight will be shown going about her daily life; the most notable was a post of her giving a speech to the residents of the Crystal Empire.. From these brief glimpses, it can be concluded that Twilight Sparkle is unopposed in her posistion, and, outside of her being consumed by dark magic, relatively sane.

It is unknown at this time how powerful Twilight Sparkle has become due to her newfound magic. It can be assumed that she has reached the level of an Alicorn, as she has overpowered all three Princesses and bent at least one to her will. In addition, she had created what she calls Crystal Guards , with unknown magic, likely necromancy or demonic summoning. Recently, Twilight has become an alicorn herself.

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