Ask Cookie and Brann
Ask Cookie and Brann tumblr
Owner StrangerDanger, a.k.a. Greennpc
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created Febuary 2013
Main Character(s) Cookie Dough and Brann Flakes
Supporting Character(s) Milky Way

Ask Cookie and Brann is a quirky ask blog about two college roommates who are both very fond of milk.

Brann Flakes and Cookie Dough share a place together as college students in Trottingham. Brann has yet to get used to his new roommate while awkwardly dealing with her constant advances on him.

Brann FlakesEdit

Brann Flakes is a tall unicorn with a light purple coat and dirty blonde hair. His cutie mark resembles a bowl of cereal, which embarasses him to no end.

Because of his tall stature, he stands out in public quite a bit and hates the attention that comes with it. 

Brann has an odd fascination with one of the local mares, Milky Way. This could be due to her delicious milk or her gigantic teats. Either way, he is too embarassed to ever talk to her except in short, stammering spurts.

Cookie DoughEdit

Cookie Dough is a foreign exchange student who transferred from Vanhoover to attend school in Trottingham. After
being assigned as Brann's roommate, she found him oddly attractive and insists on making him feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Cookie also has a fondness for milk and has never tasted anything as good as the local milkmare's milk, which led to her interest in Milky Way.

While Cookie is aware that Brann has feelings for Milky and not herself, she doesn't let that bother her as making him feel embarassed is much more amusing to her.

When Cookie's student visa expires at the end of the term, she starts for home without telling Brann. He catches up to her at the train station, and the two decide to spend the summer in Vanhoover.


The blog mainly revolves around jokes at home, or going out to visit the milkmare on occasion. There has yet to be a consistent story introduced to this blog.

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