Ask Colt
Ask Colt tumblr
Owner cyber95
Blog type Ask, Draw
Main Character(s) Colton Mustang

Ask Colt is an ask blog of sorts about a human named Colton Mustang. Colton lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and unknown to him, has a device in his head that lets him receive Tumblr questions, and summon and see ponies and items from Equestria.

It is drawn by cyber95.

Human CharactersEdit

Colton MustangEdit

Colton is an average guy with an average office job. He doesn't know anything about My Little Pony, and isn't even aware there's a popular new variant of the show. A bunch of shady scientific types thus decided he would be the perfect candidate for screwing with using their fancy new technology. He's surprisingly quick to adapt to change, but he's not particularly quick to be happy about it, but not assertive enough to do anything about it. He supports his local Boston sports teams.


Lachlan is Colton's best friend. Lachlan pays a bit more attention to pop culture than Colton, and actually is aware of Friendship is Magic, but he has no clue why the hell it's so popular. Still, regardless of why Colton's gone crazy, Lachlan is a supportive friend, and has always helped him out when he needed it. No matter how odd the circumstances.


Cassie is seven years old, and is a huge fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This might be why she also seems to be able to see the ponies that have entered Colton's life. She's often babysat by Colton, and is super excited about getting to meet the ponies living with him.


Cassie's mother. Amy's known Colton since they were kids. She's usually busy with something, and always running off to whatever she might be late for at the time. She's obviously aware of My Little Pony, since her daughter enjoys the show so much, but she doesn't watch it herself.

Pony CharactersEdit


The first pony Colton met, Scramble is usually up for anything! She loves to cook and try new things, although she's a bit oblivious sometimes. She's an Earth Pony and her cutie mark is of a metal spatula.

There is basically no way she and Cassie aren't going to be best friends forever.


Bookworm doesn't particularly care about your problems. When a problem does arise, her response is to be sarcastic at it until it goes away. Sure, she's got plenty of books that could have solutions, but those are just for collection purposes and she doesn't find them to be that interesting a read. She's a Unicorn and her cutie mark is a book.


Pitch does not speak. Nobody's really sure if she's mute or has just taken a vow of silence or what. Still, actions speak louder than words, and Pitch is a pony of action. She has a bit of an itch for excitement, but gets a little self conscious around others. She's a Pegasus and her cutie mark is a baseball.

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